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Niko is an encouraging, knowledgeable trainer! I was originally hesitant about using a trainer as I didn’t know what to expect and was worried we’d do the same things every time and I would get bored - but I was very wrong! Niko spends time on the front end getting to know you and your goals and develops a workout routine and nutrition plan tailored just for you. I’m someone who needs variety both in my workouts and in my diet, and he delivered! Niko is not only a great trainer, but also a great teacher - helping you understand why you’re doing what you’re doing and helps to set realistic expectations. He pays attention to detail with your form, noticing and correcting any imbalances in order to prevent injuries and build a strong foundation. Niko is down to earth and focused on helping his clients achieve their goals while keeping sessions challenging but enjoyable! Sometimes, I don’t think I can keep going, but he always knows when I can (and when I can’t) push one or two more reps and encourages me to do so! I feel stronger and more confident in my abilities from working out with Niko!

Chasity M.

When I moved to Brentwood nearly 3 years ago I wanted to find a trainer to help me work on my fitness. I have a chronic joint condition that has led to many injuries and constant frustration. I've wasted money on gyms, internet workout programs, beachbody, etc - none of it was able to help me because I needed specific modifications. Enter Niko: after interviewing a few trainers I knew Niko would be a great fit for me. Between our phone call and meeting he looked into my condition and came prepared to demonstrate some modifications. The rest is history - Niko has been my trainer for 1 hour 2x per week for more than 2 years with no plans to stop!

My primary focus has been on building muscle and stabilization, which he has been amazing about helping me with. I have seen huge improvement in my stability, a decrease in pain, and I can definitely lift far heavier! I can even do assisted pull-ups now! He is constantly surprising me with new workouts & modifications using the equipment we have in our garage gym. Aside from all of that, I was pregnant in 2022 and worked out until 39 weeks pregnant (even doing assisted pull-ups!) - Niko was there every week helping me stay healthy and modifying through every stage! My doctor was impressed by how I continued to workout and credited my easy pregnancy to that fact. While losing weight isn't my focus, (or it wasn't - post baby my priorities have shifted a little!), I have lost weight and he helps with the nutrition aspect of my health as well.

Reliable: he makes every appointment and gives advanced notice if anything has to change
Flexible: Two job changes and a newborn have made my life hectic and he has accommodated me at every turn!
Knowledgeable: he knows a ton about fitness & nutrition (of course), but also takes time to research things if he doesn't know them immediately (such as my joint condition)
Creative: he keeps things interesting by giving me exercises I've never heard of with random gym equipment and modifying things in ways I never would have guessed!
Encouraging: he celebrates new wins (setting new prs, losing weight, etc), he encourages me to do more than I think I can without yelling/being obnoxious

TLDR; Niko is awesome and I 10/10 recommend him.

Brittany P.

I have had various trainers over the years and Niko is my favorite! I have been working with him for about 6 months. Niko has very well-rounded knowledge of everything fitness. He explains and demonstrates all the moves you need to complete your workouts(I’m a perfectionist so this part is important to me!). He writes you PERSONALIZED workouts based on your goals and is always available to answer questions. I have done two programs with consisted of training for 6 days / week of a mix of weights and cardio (I like to workout everyday so it’s part of the personalized plan). He is super quick with replies(even mid workout I still get my answers!) and always encouraging if you’re training in person but not over the top like some trainers. My boyfriend and I even do couples workouts with him sometimes and they’re always a blast while still targeting both our goals because he will sub moves specific to me. I am the strongest I have ever felt and in great cardio shape because of the personalized workouts and structure he created in the plan for me. If you haven’t had a virtual trainer, in person trainer, or are curious... Niko is your guy!

Valerie H.

I was initially concerned about hiring a trainer because of some previous injuries and arthritis issues, but I wanted to improve my fitness and I needed motivation. Niko assured me that he would plan workouts with my injuries in mind and make sure I did not re-injure myself.
With his help I have been able to gain strength and improve my overall fitness. He has also helped keep me motivated to work out and make better food choices. During the Covid shutdown we were able to keep working together via FaceTime.
Niko is a friendly, easygoing person and I have enjoyed my fitness journey with his help over the pas three years.

Bobby E.

Niko has been a great fit for me as a personal trainer. He’s very compassionate while also pushing me to become the best version of myself. I used to hate working out and now I look forward to our sessions twice a week. He has not only helped me with exercise but also with nutrition by creating me a meal plan. So far I’ve lost 15 pounds and I’m excited to keep losing more. He is very knowledgeable about mental and physical health I would definitely recommend him as a trainer!

Laura D.

Niko is a great trainer! He’s reliable, a good listener, and keeps his workouts interesting.

Veronica L.

Niko is a very thorough trainer and really cares about client success. He is very informative and coaches you on the steps required to make it to your goals. I highly recommend this trainer!

Alan W.

I am so thankful for Niko! Before I started working with him I would go to the gym without much of a plan and kind of halfway do the machines and treadmill. I was wasting an hour a day because I didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t have proper form. Niko worked with me for about a year and now I feel confident in the gym with using proper form and adding weight strategically to actually see results. I gained so much muscle and stability and learned how to work out with a plan so I no longer waste my time. I would recommend him to anyone whether you are new or experienced. He is so nice and creates your workouts thoughtfully and now I consider him a friend too!

Amanda H.

Niko S. Is Great! I’m so glad I found him!!! I just finished my first session with Niko, and he exceeded all my expectation's. He was very attentive and listened to my goals, my concerns, and how my medical conditions may affect my exercise routine. Niko is very personable and easy to talk to, and he made very positive impression on my family. We worked at my pace and he also pushed me when he noticed I could be pushed a little harder. More importantly, he listened to me when I expressed unreasonable discomfort or pain. He is flexible with our schedules and I am really looking forward to our future sessions.

Michelle S.

Niko is one of the best trainers I’ve ever had! He is extremely patient and professional and always made me feel comfortable. He is very knowledgeable in what he does and you can see his passion for fitness come through during your sessions. He was amazing at helping me reach my goals! 10/10 recommend him!

Catie G.

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